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Pharmapseudocal.com - Amazing what can be solved  with a little make believe!

A collection of T-Shirts promoting the various drugs and products we have made up.

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Oaf Huck isn't just a character, as it turns out. It's also a thing people say. The domain OafHuck.com was available. Some 25+ OafHuck(Dot) sites later, and here we go! OafHuck.me, OafHuck.it, OafHuck.no, OafHuck.how, OafHuck.yoga...(?)

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Many reasons one might express amazement at Rivalless Garb's home state. Every now and again,  it's the discovery or a fun small town or spectacular natural area. More often, the State Government's money management or general program mismanagement is more than enough. 

We've got shirts that talk all about all of it!

shirts cheaper than a hunting permit!

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Rivalless Garb Originals

Sometimes, Rivalless Garb turns out a product unaffiliated with its multiple other wonderful projects. Everything from promoting small towns, to Summer camps that don't exist is fair game for the Rivalless Garb Collection. CAUTION: poorly organized.

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For the love of Guacamole! A store with all kinds of fun, colorful, humorous ways to celebrate life's purest love, the love of a good Guacamole. There is a strong emphasis on confidence in one's own ability to make Guacamole.  

Many years before Rivalless Garb was a thing, it all started with Rivalless Guacamole. 

Rock Out With Your Guac Out

is only the beginning

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Rivalless Garb Is The Greatest on the Internet. A fact we're quite proud of, although we try not to take it too seriously. 

You may be curious about who decided that we are the greatest, and we were too. The reality is it was the entire internet. That is to say anywhere with internet access will tell you the same thing.

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