"Us," in this case, is ME


I am Rob Gryder, and I have a PO Box

I design everything, then a third party prints & ships

PO Box 1101

SG, IL 60554-1101


As of today, March 13, 2021, everything on comes through and their network of providers. A significant majority of our items come from MWW On Demand, in Hendersonville, NC. Being an Illinoisan, my preference is to rely on American companies.  

Some products that I can offer via don't have any American options. So far, there are three products that come from Australia, one from The UK, and one from Germany. One of the far-too-many things I've worked on recently is finding an American company that offers all of the products, and does it well. If you know of a company in the USA that offers a variety of custom clothes, and can do them well, then please do get a word to me!

I have no trouble focusing in on any issue someone encounters with a product they've bought from me, so please feel free to reach out. Please be sure to include your order number, and as much detail as possible. I don't manufacture anything, but will do everything i can to leave you with a satisfactory result. 

Still small enough that my phone blows up whenever anyone "completes a site action," and submitting qualifies. So, you just blew up my phone!